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Mermay 2022

Mermay is an illustration project that celebrates the beauty and mysterious fascination that surrounds mermaids.

Mermay is an annual illustration project that invites artists and enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the beauty and fascination surrounding mermaids. Throughout the month of May, participants create and share their own representations of mermaids using a variety of styles and mediums, from watercolors to digital art.

The initiative was born in 2016 as a way to challenge artists to explore and expand their illustration skills, while creating a sense of community and connection through their love for mermaids. Additionally, the project encourages creative experimentation and collaboration, as artists can share and comment on the work of other participants.

The end result of Mermay is an incredible collection of artwork that celebrates beauty and imagination, while showcasing the diversity of techniques and styles used in illustration. This project is not only an opportunity for artists worldwide to showcase their talent, but also an exciting and creative way for people to connect and share their passion for illustration and mermaids.

Autor: Carlos Eduardo Hernández López / Colima: About Chak

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