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2023 Riso Calendar

A stunning collection of risograph prints that explore a variety of themes, from solitude and femininity to mystical creatures and domestic scenes.

Risography, a captivating printing technique that melds aspects of screen and digital printing, has surged in popularity, offering artists a unique avenue for creative expression.

The project showcases the unique beauty and versatility of risograph printing, creating a tactile and visually striking calendar that is both functional and beautiful. Each month's theme offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the passing of time, reminding us to savor each moment of the year.

With its vibrant colors and distinctive aesthetic appeal, risography enables creators to explore a multitude of themes, ranging from the introspective nuances of solitude and femininity to the enchanting realms inhabited by mystical creatures and the intimate snapshots of everyday domestic scenes.

Each risograph print embodies a unique texture and character, serving as a testament to the boundless creativity and imagination of the artists who harness this captivating medium.

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